Curse you allergies!

I LOVE the Spring! It’s the one season I most look forward too. It’s just such a beautiful sweet time. If it weren’t for the allergies it brings along with it, I would want it to last forever.

Oh! And it’s finally supposed to be in the high 80’s tomorrow, yippee!

My momma, who is the biggest sweetheart ever, got me brand new black gladiator type sandals! 🙂

And to make it even awesomer, they’re my very first pair! (Whaaaaaaa?) I always see them in stores and girls wear them ALL the time with EVERYTHING but for some reason I never had the nerve to actually buy a pair myself.

It’s mostly because I’m super picky with sandals. Since my toes are virgins, (I like that.) I get blisters if I wear them because that one strap goes between them you know? So I’m too much of a weenie to break my toes in. (Hey! In my defense, those blisters hurt like hell. They are not fun.)

BUT! The ones my momma got me, have no strap in front! It’s like…Just a band across my toes. (If you can picture that.)

They’re super cute!

I’m debating on wearing them tomorrow…but I haven’t painted my toe nails….

If this were Twitter, I’d probably be like hash tag “Teen problems” lol




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