In God’s hands now.

My prayers go out to all of the injured and the three whom were killed.

An 8 year old. Poor baby.

They are in God’s paradise now,

How fucking sad is this?

All I can say is that Karma’s a bitch. And I truly believe what goes around comes around. Whoever did this will get what’s coming to them.


Curse you allergies!

I LOVE the Spring! It’s the one season I most look forward too. It’s just such a beautiful sweet time. If it weren’t for the allergies it brings along with it, I would want it to last forever.

Oh! And it’s finally supposed to be in the high 80’s tomorrow, yippee!

My momma, who is the biggest sweetheart ever, got me brand new black gladiator type sandals! 🙂

And to make it even awesomer, they’re my very first pair! (Whaaaaaaa?) I always see them in stores and girls wear them ALL the time with EVERYTHING but for some reason I never had the nerve to actually buy a pair myself.

It’s mostly because I’m super picky with sandals. Since my toes are virgins, (I like that.) I get blisters if I wear them because that one strap goes between them you know? So I’m too much of a weenie to break my toes in. (Hey! In my defense, those blisters hurt like hell. They are not fun.)

BUT! The ones my momma got me, have no strap in front! It’s like…Just a band across my toes. (If you can picture that.)

They’re super cute!

I’m debating on wearing them tomorrow…but I haven’t painted my toe nails….

If this were Twitter, I’d probably be like hash tag “Teen problems” lol




Happy Monday!

Just got home from school! (thumbs up)

Do you ever come home and look at yourself in the mirror and go, “Hot damn I look good!!” and then proceed to wonder if you looked that great all day?

Unfortunately, that was not the case for me today.

The wind outside today was just ridiculous. I shouldn’t have even bothered to do my hair, it got whipped around my face undoing all of my hard work anyway!

I am glad it didn’t rain much today though. I mean don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the rain. Just not when I’m outside actually in it. I like to admire it from my bedroom window in my toasty grey sweats while I drink hot cocoa or soup.

But with rain comes gloomy weather. And that gets me into a sort of funk.

My mood sort of shifts and changes along with the weather sometimes, I guess you could say that I was sensitive to it.

Speaking of sensitive….

Wanna hear (read?) something gross slash sad?

I’m assuming you nodded your head yes, or are still reading.

My kitty. My cute, cuddly, adorable baby kins Yuki. Hunted AND ate a Mosquito Eater! (also known or originally known as the Crane Fly. Just googled it. Those suckers are HUUUUGE!) Then! To make matters evven better, this kit, tried to bring it to me all excited like, “Mommy mommy! Look what I caught!” Which in turn had me running away all crazy because I DETEST bugs. DETEST. Like a true girly girl. Bleh. So…

He ate it.


And just because I have never witnessed that before I Googled it, (If you haven’t realized by now, yes, I Google everything. Google is my best friend!) and it turns out it’s actually normal. Cats are natural born hunters, bugs are a way to get protein..blah blah blah.

It’s still gross.

I am NEVER kissing his mouth again!!!! (Or at least…not for a few days…I just can’t resist!)

(Sigh) On top of all of that, I didn’t sleep too well. Probably had to do with the Coke I downed 15 minutes before.

Well, that’s all I have to say today! Ttfn! 😀


Morning Routines?


Before I begin, I got all excited thinking I had my first follower. All giddy and crap.

Turns out, I’m following myself? (What. The. Heck.) Does everyone automatically follow themselves? I’m confused. Oh well, I’ll figure out how it all works eventually. 

Anyway, back to the original topic. 

Does everyone have a morning routine? Something they have to do every single morning?

It’s kind of like a mini OCD. Because if you don’t do that one thing or something doesn’t go right it feels like the rest of your day can just went to Hell. 

I shall show you lovely people mine! Yaaaay! (Insert arrow pointing down)

1. I go to shut off my alarm at 5:10 A.M. (I have zero period p.e. Yeah, for all you Freshman, Sophomore  Juniors, do NOT fail p.e. It doesn’t make you look like a rebel or whatever. Just comes back to bite you in the ass your Senior year.)

2. Pet my kitty, whose name is Yuki, (From the anime Fruits Basket. I know, I know. I’m such a nerd.) until 5:20 A.M. 

3. Yuki meows and trots off to the bathroom we share together and eats his food while I do my business, brush my teeth, floss ect. (I’m one of those lucky souls who has their own bathroom.)

4. I go back to my bedroom to find clothes to wear for the day. 

5. Grab my IPod along with my ear buds and unplug my phone from it’s charger.

6. Go back to the bathroom, plug my earphones in and push the shuffle button. 

7. Plug in my straightener and wait for it to heat up, and in the mean time I brush my hair.

8. Then for 10 minutes or so, depending on how much my hair likes me that day, I methodically straighten it.

9. Usually it’s 6 or 6:10 A.M by this time so I grab my make-up back and go back to my room, (I leave my straightener on, because sometimes my hair in front gets re-wavy. Such a pain.) where I then begin to paint my face. 

10. By this time it’s 6:30, so I throw some shoes on, grab my class ring, slip on my saints bracelet and make a quick sandwich. 

And that’s about it! If any of these things go wrong, then I am Godzilla the rest of the day. Or the Hulk. They’re both awesome analogies. 

Tell me something that you have to do every morning yeah? 



Let’s do this!

You know, I’ve been wanting to make a blog for ages now. 

The inspiration to finally make one came from reading a fanfiction and seeing that the author had one. And since I was coming to this website anyway to finish checking out her stuff I said, “What the hey!” and decided to just do it.

It sure will save a lot of paper, since I usually write in a journal. Which I still will continue, when I have personal things I don’t want to share on the internet of course. But for the random thoughts, questions, ramblings and rants I’ll use this. 

And it’ll also be cool to look back on and see how much I’ve changed and done throughout the years, 

So on that note, I hope whoever decides to follow me or get updates on my blog enjoys all I have to offer.